Hirosaki University

Lab. Research Topics
Iwatani Laboratory, Mechanical Science and Engineering Course, Department of Science and Technology - Robot Control
- Robot Vision
- Motion Analysis of Animals

Hiroshima University

Lab. Research Topics
Smart Robotics Laboratory, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering - Smart Vision & Sensing
- Smart Mechanics & Design
- Smart Control & Manipulation
Biological Systems Engineering Laboratory - Biological Signal Analysis and its Application to Human Interfaces
- Biomechanical Analysis and its Application to Human-machine System Design
- Biometric Information Mining Technology and Human Support Robots

Hokkaido University

Lab. Research Topics
Laboratory of Intelligent Information Systems, Division of Computer Science and Information Technology, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology - Interaction Robot
- Indoor Positioning Technology
- Mobile Ubiquitous Computing
Intelligent Robots and Systems Laboratory - Humanoid Robot
- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
- Brain Surgery Simulator
Human-Centric Engineering Laboratory, Faculty of Information Science and Technology - KEIROKA Assistive Technology
- Wearable Sensor
- Human Augmentation
Laboratory of Robotics and Dynamics - Signal Processing and SLAM of Autonomous Robot
- Inspection of Infrastructure Using UAV
- Robust SLAM in Snowy Environment
Vehicle Robotics Laboratory, Research Faculty of Agriculture - Agricultural Robot
- Multi-robot System
- Remote-sensing
Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory - Human-Robot Interaction
- Human-Agent Interaction
- Ambient Intelligent Systems
Autonomous Systems Laboratory, Faculty of Information Science and Technology - Artificial Life/Artificial Intelligence
- Cognitive Science
- Swarm Systems

Hosei University

Lab. Research Topics
Intelligent Robotics Laboratory - Intelligent Robots
- Soft Robots
- Rescue Robots
Medical and Welfare Robotics Lab. - Development of Palpation System by using Laparoscopic Surgical Robot
- Development of Lightweight Power Assist Suit
- Development of Assistive Devices such as Sensory Feedback Device for Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand Users
Human Harmonic Sensing and Control Laboratory - Human Assistive Robotics
- Human Augmentation
- Wireless Power Transmission for Living Space