Kagawa University

Lab. Research Topics
Ishihara Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering and Design - Mechanism and Control of Robot
- Science Education
Komizunai Ishihara Laboratory - Motion Control of Robots
- Tangible Infosphere
- Nursing Support

Kanagawa Institute of Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Kawashima Laboratory - Motion and Vibration Control (for example, Active Seat Belt, and Active Child Restraint Systems)
- Design of Vibration and Comfortable Swing (for example, Active Rocking Chair)
- Effective Utilization of Renewable Energy (for example, Control System for Thermosiphons)

Kanazawa University

Lab. Research Topics
Robotics & Mechatronics Lab. - Smart Sensing & Smart Mechanism
- Manipulation & Robot Hand
- Strings Soft Robotics

Kansai University

Lab. Research Topics
Robot and Micro System Laboratory - Robot Hand
- Biomimetics
- MEMS (Miro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) for Robotics
Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory, Faculty of Informatics - Social Robotics
- Affective (Kansei) Robotics
- Pupiloid
Mechanical Dynamics and Control Engineering Laboratory - Robot Mechanism Design
- Robot Kinematics
- Development of Robotic Hand
Ogino Lab. - Cognitive Robotics
- Remote Control Robotics
- Moral Robotics

Kanto Gakuin University

Lab. Research Topics
College of Science and Engineering, Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory - Development of Control Program of Dog Type Robot for Improvement of Healing Effect

Keio University

Lab. Research Topics
Space Robotics Group/Ishigami Lab. - Field Robotics
- Terramechanics
- Space Exploration Engineering
Semantic Machine Intelligence Laboratory - Machine Intelligence
- Intelligent Robotics
- Deep Learning

Kindai University

Lab. Research Topics
System Integration Lab. - Soft Object Manipulation
- Soft Robot
- Underwater Robot
Human Robotics Lab. - Musculoskeletal System
- Tendon Driven Robot

Kitami Institute of Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Laboratory of Bio-Mechatronics - Robot for Agriculture
- Application of AI Image Processing for Agriculture
- Dynamics of Machines, Control Engineering

Kobe University

Lab. Research Topics
Graduate School of System Informatics, Emergent Computing Laboratory - Distributed Autonomous Systems
- Drones
- Singular Configurations of Robots

Kochi University of Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Intelligent Robotics Lab. - Welfare Robots
- Construction Robots
- Intelligence of Robots

Konan University

Lab. Research Topics
Robotics Laboratory, Department of Intelligence and Informatics - Ambient Intelligent System
- System Integration of Mobile Robot
- Real Space Service System

Kwansei Gakuin University

Lab. Research Topics
Service Robotics Lab., Department of Engineering - Service Robotics
- Assistive Robotics
Bio-robotics Lab.- Rehabilitation Robotics and Assistive Technology
- Robotic Mechanisms and Algorithms for Mobility and Human Locomotion
- Hybrid BMI (Brain-Machine-Interface) System using Biometric Signals

Kyoto University

Lab. Research Topics
Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Science, Mechanism and Motion Engineering Laboratory, Masaharu Komori Laboratory - Mobile Robots
- Riding Robotics
- Systems for Intuitive Operation/Manipulation

Kyushu Institute of Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Human and Social Intelligence Systems Laboratory, Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering - Intelligent Robotics
- Assistive Robotics
- Smart Life Care Co-Creation
Intelligent Machine Lab. (Takashima Lab.) - Smart Soft Materials
- Soft Actuators and Sensors
- Surgical Simulator

Kyushu University

Lab. Research Topics
Kurazume Laboratory - Intelligent Robot and Service Robot
- Computer Vision and Laser Sensing
- Artificial Intelligence
Guidance and Control Lab., Dept. of Aeronautics & Astronautics - Research and Development of Autonomous Unmanned Air Vehicles
- Research and Development of Tilt-Rotor Vehicles
- Attitude and Orbital Control for Space Systems
Control Engineering Lab. - An Evaluation Method of Human Standing Stability by Applying the Disturbance of Swash Plate Fall
- EMG Measurement and Cognitive Test Evaluation when using a Balance Ball toward the Development of an Office Chair for Preventing Back Pain
Advanced Medical Devices Laboratory - Medical Robots
- Rehabilitation Robots
- Surgical Robots