Meiji University

Lab. Research Topics
Complex Robot Systems Lab - Soft Robotics
- Inflatable Robot
- Bio-inspired Robot
Manipulation Laboratory - Manipulation
- Passivity-based Control
- Robotic Hands

Meijo University

Lab. Research Topics
Robot System Design Laboratory - Development of Service Robot System with Robotics Middleware
- Infrastructure Maintenance Technique by UAV
- Study of Intelligent Living Environment

Mie University

Lab. Research Topics
Intelligent Robotics Lab., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering - Realization of a "Society of Health and Longevity" with Robots for Welfare
- Development of the Robot Control Technology to Support Hard Labor and Dangerous Work
- Development of a Rehabilitation Robot Strengthening Remaining Muscular Strength
Division of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Human Support System Laboratory - Development of Assist Robot
- Development of Assist System for Driving Cars
- Evaluation of Human Workload
Human Symbiotic Robotics and Mechatronics Research Center - Technology of Assisting Human
- Technology for the Development of Assist Devices
- Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Muroran Institute of Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Mechanical Systems Design Laboratory - Fluid Power Systems
- Tribology
- Power Transmission