Okayama University

Lab. Research Topics
System Integration Lab. - Micro Actuators and Fluidic Actuators for Mechatronics Systems
- Soft Mechanism and Applications for Medical and Welfare Systems
- Actuators using Film for Special Environments

Okayama University of Science

Lab. Research Topics
Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Kinugasa Lab. - Study on Legged Robots based on Passive Dynamic Walking
- Study on the Passive Interlocking Mechanism in the Musculoskeletal System of Animals: Implications for Locomotion and its Applications
- Development of Mobile Mechanisms for Search and Rescue Robots

Osaka Institute of Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Assistive Device Laboratory, Department of Robotics - Upper Limb Prosthesis Developed by Digital Fabrication
- Assistive Device for Persons with Finger Dysfunction
- Motion Estimation based on Biosignals
Medical Robotics Laboratory, Department of Robotics - Surgical Support Assistant Manipulator
- Locally Operated Interface
- Intraoperative Image Recognition
Interaction Character Design Laboratory, Department of Robotics - Character Engineering
- Human Agent Interaction
- Comic Engineering
Communication Robot Laboratory, Department of Robotics - Motion and Task Planning for Mobile Service Robots
- Mapping for Robots Using Laser Range Sensor and the Application
- Study of Outdoor Mobile Robots
Industrial Robot Laboratory, Department of Robotics - Novel Benchmarks and Metrics to Innovate Robot System Design
- System Integration Theory
- Classic Challenges in Robotics
Smart Material Actuator Laboratory, Department of Robotics - Development of New Actuators Using Smart Materials and Compensation of their Hysteresis
- Research on Dielectric Elastomer Actuators
- Research on Control of Twin-arm Motion of a Nursing-care Support Robot
Life Support Robot System Laboratory, Department of Robotics - Improvement of “User Familiarity” Using a Robot Avatar for the Daily-life-support Mobile Robot
- Development of Daily-life-support Mobile Robots
- Practice of "Education for Design and Manufacturing"
Flexible Robotics Laboratory, Department of Robotics - Soft Actuator
- Development of Human Support Systems based on Soft Robotics
- Development of Specific Environment Robots based on Soft Robotics
Robotics Simulation Laboratory, Department of Robotics - Finite Element Method
- Multiscale/Multiphysics Analysis
- High Performance Computing
Robotics Lab. - Biologically Inspired Legged Robot
- Soft Robotics
- Small Jumping Swarm Robot

Osaka Metropolitan University

Lab. Research Topics
Shibahara Laboratory - Development of Processing Systems using Small Robots
- Research on Advancement of Manufacturing by using AI and Simulation
- Development of a Large-scale, High-speed Simulation Method using Finite Element Method

Osaka Metropolitan University College of Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Monozukuri Synthesis Workshop - Rescue Robot
- Internet of Things
- Robotics

Osaka University

Lab. Research Topics
Department of Mechanical Engineering Ishikawa-Minami Lab - Nonlinear Control and its Application to Mobile Robots and Construction Machinery
- Robot Control utilizing Environmental Stimuli
- Animal-like Robot that moves across our Life Spaces
Human Motor Control and Human Enhancement Group (Nishikawa Laboratory), Department of Mechanical Science and Bioengineering, Graduate School of Engineering Science - Research on Increasing the Levels of Autonomy of Surgical Assistant Robots
- Human-Robot Interaction to Understand and Enhance Human Sensorimotor Performance
- Researches on Rehabilitation and Healthcare Technologies using XR and Various Stimuli