Saitama University

Lab. Research Topics
Kobayashi Lab., Graduate School of Science and Engineering - Human Sensing
- Collaborative Mobile Robots
- Human Robot Interaction

Shibaura Institute of Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Robotics System Design Lab. - Intelligent Space
- System Integration using RT (Robot Technology) Middleware
- Application of RT to Design Field

Shimane University

Lab. Research Topics
Robotics Lab., Department of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineering - Omni-Directional Mobile Robot
- Active Vibration Reducer

Shinshu University

Lab. Research Topics
Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, Robot Safety Lab - Wearable Robotics
- Human-Robot Safety
- Assistive Technology

Shizuoka University

Lab. Research Topics
Kobayashi Lab. - Robot Learning Control and Adaptation to Environment
- Sensor Information Processing and Environment Recognition
- Motion Planning and Optimal Control