University of Fukui

Lab. Research Topics
Department H.A.I.S. -Robotics Lab. - Learning Control, Model-Based Adaptive Control
- Coordinated Control of Multiple Manipulators and Robot Hands
- Optimal Trajectory Planning of Human and Robot Arm
Interactive Robotics Lab. - Development of Robot Control and Image Processing AI based on Machine Learning
- Human-Robot Interaction
- Motion Generation for Humanoid Robots based on Human Movements
Intelligent Robotics Laboratory - SLAM
- Visual Mobile Robot
- Robot Vision

University of Toyama

Lab. Research Topics
Control Systems Laboratory - Swarm Robotics
- Intelligent Robot
- Adaptive System

University of Tsukuba

Lab. Research Topics
Advanced Control Systems Research Group - Biologically Inspired Science and Technology
- Vehicle System Modeling and Control
- Nonlinear Time Series Analysis: Theory and its Applications
Manipulation System Laboratory - Dexterous Manipulation
- Kinematics Analysis of Robot Manipulation / Handling
- Advanced Industrial Robot
Life Engineering Laboratory - Biology Systems Engineering
- Medical Artificial Intelligence
- Haptics
Cybernics Laboratory - Cybernics: Fusion of "Humans"+"Cyber/ Physical Space"
- HCPS Cybernics Human Collaborative Robotics
- Cybernics Treatment
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory - AI
- Cybernics
- Augmented Human
Fumihide Tanaka Laboratory - Social Robotics
- Isolation and Loneliness Measures
- Pain and Anxiety Relief
Neuroinformatics Laboratory - Machine Learning
- Computational Neuroscience
- Signal Processing
Human Robot Interaction Laboratory - Human-Robot Interface
- Sensor Fusion
- Intelligent Environment
FlexibleRobotics Laboratory - Soft Robotics
- Haptics
Motion Control Laboratory - Mechatronics
- Haptics
- Manipulation
Instrumentation and Computing Engineering Laboratory - Sensing
- Robotics
- Embodied Media Interface

University of Yamanashi

Lab. Research Topics
Noda Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Course, Faculty of Engineering - Transfer System with Vibration Suppression
- Automatic Pouring Robot
- Skill Training System
Kotani & Watanabe Lab. - Image Recognition
- Robotics
- Smart Agriculture

Utsunomiya University

Lab. Research Topics
Intelligent Robots and Systems Laboratory - Intelligent Robotics
- Motion Planning
- Machine Learning