Wakayama University

Lab. Research Topics
Intelligent Mechatronics Laboratory - Mobile Robot System
- Intelligent Symbiotic Robots and Systems
- Personal Mobility Vehicle

Waseda University

Lab. Research Topics
Tetsuya Ogata Lab., Dept. of Intermedia Art and Science - Deep Predictive Learning
- Cognitive Robotics
- Computational Psychiatry
Grad. Sch. of Information, Production and Systems. Bio-Robotics & Human-Mechatronics (T. Matsumaru) Lab.
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- Human Synergetic / Symbiotic Robot
- Human-Robot Interaction (physical / informative / mental)
- Social Robotics / Ethical Robotics
Atsuo Takanishi Laboratory - Humanoid Robots
- Global Environment Improvement Robots
- Medical and Wellbeing Support Robots
Sawada Laboratory, Department of Applied Physics, School of Advanced Science and Engineering - Robotics
- Neural Network and Machine Learning
- Soft Sensors and Soft Actuators